About Us

Who We Are

We started as a family business in 1996 to service real estate investors in California, in Orange County area, and then included the Kern County eventually extended to other areas as well.
We were part of the real estate boon, and grew with it.  Our goal as a business was and still is, is to help real estate investors keep their properties rented.  We understood that keeping the units/homes rented increased the income of our clients and the communities as a whole.  We decided we needed to provide all the services under one roof.  We specialized in servicing large investors until a hail storm hit the Van Buren area in 2007.  We partnered with local builders and contractors to assist hundreds of residents to replace their damaged roofs.
NM Make ready is committed to continue assisting residents and real estate investors in accomplishing their construction, remodeling/capital improvement needs.  Currently, NM Make Ready is aggressively assisting investors, and home owners to improve their homes and investments.  We work directly with consumers, investors, and through general contractors.  Our goal is to help people accomplish their remodeling goals and needs.
We are a locally owned and operated business serving Little Rock and the surrounding areas.  And are licensed, insured and bonded Contracting Company.  We know the construction industry has a reputation for bad services that is why we make it our priority to give our Clients the best service possible from start to finish.
We take pride in our ability to provide our customers with the highest quality construction services.  We offer a wide variety of services from small general rental property cleaning and make ready projects to large home remodels.  Whether your project is large or small it will be performed by a qualified and experienced construction crew, and will be supervised daily.


NM Make Ready & Maintenance’s vision is to strive and maintain high standards through customer focused performance. We work to improve tenant lives when they enjoy a better place to live in.  When we work on improvements or repairs we also work to increase the property owner’s real estate value.  We believe that the quality of performance and services that the company offers is for the satisfaction of its customers.


Integrity-Everything we do must be done in the best possible way and good faith. Hard work- We commit to work and accomplish our projects in a timely manner to ensure customer satisfaction.

Quality- To offer the best possible quality in the industry.